Endless Love

Working on a story about senior citizen housing, I spent lots of time wanding halls, talking with folks and drinking tea. During one long day, I decided I needed some fresh air and went outside for a respite. I walked out a back door and immediately heard what I thought was the sound of kissing. Loud smooching. 

As I went around a wall, I found the source of the noise. It was two of the residents necking! Herman Clear and Hilda Penderman were sharing a tender moment at the Beaver Valley Geriatric Center where they were residents. Hilda told me she “robbed the cradle” as Herman was much her junior. They said they were in love but could not get married because it would reduce their social security income and they couldn’t afford to live. And, they were too old fashion to just “shack up together.” So they did the next best thing, every day. 

Love springs eternal.