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Are you looking for a photographer that can bring a fresh and creative eye to your next project or portrait?

Then look no further. Terry Clark Photography is one of the most sought after photographers in the country. Having photographed three Presidents of the United States, kings, titans of industry, and business of all size and description, there is no assignment too small or too large.

Having traveled far and wide to create storytelling pictures for his clients, Terry Clark Photography has the experience and knowledge to pull together any project, domestic or International. If compelling images are most important to you and your client, working with our team will ensure the success of your project.

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It's The Feeling, Not The Face

Herb Ellison was a mechanic in the Hill District. He had a story to tell, and my colleague Dan Bates and I were there to listen. My lighting was from an open door, the pose was with purpose, and the expression affirms the dignity of Mr. Ellison. 

The KISS method. Keep it simple stupid. Don’t complicate things unnecessarily. Just because you have a dozen lights doesn’t mean you need to use them for every picture. People don’t always need a cheeky smile or grin. Photograph the feeling, not just the face. 

Sometimes keeping it simple is the right thing to do.