Sign of Love

Work the angles. Make your subjects heroic. If you’re photographing children, get down at their level. Take a knee. Sit cross-legged. Lay on your belly. Crawl. Roll. 

The assignment was to photograph an elementary school assembly about sign language. Small town papers cover lots of things that seem minor. It would have been easy to go in, snap a few shots of the sign language interpreter on stage and leave for the next assignment. That’s all the editor expected. But that’s not very interesting, and it doesn’t tell much of a story. So, I waited, and I watched. I looked faces and how they were reacting to the interpreter. 

This group of girls was in the front row and responding well to the interpreter. The last segment of the program was teaching some signs the children could use on their parents. I planted myself on the floor, laying on my stomach, watching this group of kids. When they made the “Sign of Love,” I knew I had a picture that told the story, because, there’s nothing better than love.