The Cat's Meow

What happens on Bourbon Street, stays on Bourbon Street! 

You can have the Vegas strip, for me, nothing beats New Orleans for street photography. Any day of the year you can find pictures ranging from dramatic to outrageous. You just have to be there, be ready and shoot. 

Wandering around one night, I found these two at the Cat’s Meow. Just two overzealous patrons who got on stage to dance, sing and shout. A small crowd gathered on the sidewalk to watch the impromptu show. I framed my shot between two onlookers to provide context and eliminate distraction at the edge of the frame. Then it was just a matter of catching the right moment. 

Technically there was nothing fancy about the photo. I was carrying a Leica M6 and 50mm lens on the camera with a 35mm in my pocket along with a few extra rolls of film. No flash needed or wanted, I had to stay as stealthy as possible to avoid any potential confrontation. On Bourbon Street, you’re dealing with a lot of drunken people. It can be an unpredictable situation so travel as light as possible. And remember, what happens on Bourbon Street, stays on Bourbon Street, except for the pictures.