Zen Way

Scan your frame from edge to edge before you release the shutter. Look for the angles, the complex geometry.  Where are the squares? The triangles? Does the eye flow around the image? Is it a circle or elliptical motion? Where are the subject points? Do you have a center of interest, an anchor point?

If you’re capturing moments on the fly, you’ll need to master the principles, so they become present without looking. Put the technique so deep within you it’s always there. Find your flow, your zone, your Zen. 

The checker tournament was intense. Man pitted against man. A hall filled with silence. One by one they fell until only two remained. The shutter of my Leica broke the muteness like a stick snapping in the forest. I paused, waited, composed and finally squeezed off a frame when the elements came together, the narrative complete, the composition revealed.