Silence is golden

Silence is not just golden but sometimes required.

Last week I photographed the opening night of the opera Arabella for the Pittsburgh Festival Opera. Usually, photography occurs during the dress rehearsal but due to an unforeseen circumstance that was not possible. The only option was to silently capture the opera as it happened from the control booth. 

Enter the Fuji X system!

Switching to the electronic shutter, and turning off all shutter sounds, made my X-T2 and X-Pro2 cameras entirely silent. No noise at all. Mission accomplished. Before the show, I asked the crew to listen for my shutter. Smiling, they confirmed there was nothing they could hear.

Because of the distance from the control booth to the stage, I decided to use my Fujifilm 50-140 f/2.8 lens on the X-Pro2 and a Nikon 300mm f/2.8 on the X-T2 via an adapter. The 300mm converts to a 450mm f/2.8 on the Fuji making it perfect for close-up portraits of the singers.  I locked my shutter speed at 1/125 and set auto ISO for 640 to 3200 to compensate for any light changes. The aperture on both lenses was 2.8. Both cameras were on tripods. I set the X-T2 and 300mm on a Manfrotto video tripod with fluid head and the X-Pro2 with 50-140mm on my Induro carbon fiber with a large ball head. Throughout the performance, I oscillated back and forth between cameras to capture the action on stage. 

At the end of the night, I had exposed hundreds of frames but made not a single sound. Mission accomplished!