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Fujifilm XT-3 first impressions

One use does not a full test make, but even still, first impressions are often lasting. And the first impression I got from the XT-3 can be summed up with one word: Wow.

I'm a RAW shooter but right now because Adobe needs to catch up all I can do is see JPEGS. Luckily Fuji's JPEGs are fantastic. The two pictures I'm showing here are straight out of the camera. You know, just like we use to shoot when using Kodachrome. I used auto-ISO in both cases. I love not having to think about everything when shooting on the street. I set a shutter speed or aperture, or both and go at it.

The first picture was captured just before sunset. People were moving back and forth through shadows while the lone figure was leaning against the restaurant wall. I loved all the lines and shadows in the picture, so I waited until the right character came into my frame. I set the XT-3 for 1/250 to stop the action and f/11 to provide adequate depth of field. My lens was the 18-55 f/2.8-4 "kit" lens set to about 33mm. The camera selected ISO 1000. The final file is totally noiseless. It looks as if I was once again shooting Kodachrome.

The second photo I made later in the evening in the street outside of the Benedum Center while waiting for the light show to begin. The two girls stopped for a quick selfie and were gone. This time I had my 56mm f/1.2 lens on the XT-3 set wide open. Auto ISO and auto shutter speed. I wanted to test how fast the camera could lock in focus in poorly lit conditions. It was instantaneous. No hunting whatsoever. The exposure was dead on the money, too.

Can't wait to test it more over the weekend. Further reports to come, but for now, the XT-3 is knocking it out of the park.