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Are you looking for a photographer that can bring a fresh and creative eye to your next project or portrait?

Then look no further. Terry Clark Photography is one of the most sought after photographers in the country. Having photographed three Presidents of the United States, kings, titans of industry, and business of all size and description, there is no assignment too small or too large.

Having traveled far and wide to create storytelling pictures for his clients, Terry Clark Photography has the experience and knowledge to pull together any project, domestic or International. If compelling images are most important to you and your client, working with our team will ensure the success of your project.

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Looking forward, not back

The 10-year look back. It's a Facebook thing. People are doing it to show how much they've changed in ten years. That's all well and good, but I keep my eyes focused on the future: the next adventure, the next project, the next collaboration. I have a three-year plan. I have a five-year plan. And yes, I have a ten-year plan.

Looking back is good for one thing: it shows your track. But, it does not set your future path. When I glance back, I see a zig-zag route from one extreme to another. That's life. To win, you have to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Be flexible, be agile, be confident, and be good at what you do. Have depth. Develop your skill set. Embrace the mantra of the United States Marine Corps, improvise, adapt, and overcome.

When I look back, I do not see ten years in the past. I see forty. My entire career is laid out in front of me to provide a base of every-growing knowledge through experience. Every step I have taken in this long career has been to reach this place today and propel me to the next. From the first piece of wisdom I received, "Here you go kid, go see the world," to the next, "When that voice in your head says now, push the button," to, "Don't show me what it looks like, show me what it feels like." Every tiny nugget of wisdom over time created the foundation when I now stand. Have faith, trust your gut, and enjoy the ride. Remember, it's the journey that counts.

Always forward, looking ahead. The destination doesn’t always matter, it’s the journey that counts.

Always forward, looking ahead. The destination doesn’t always matter, it’s the journey that counts.